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Microsoft Office 2007 crashes XPS13 9365

When I bought the new XPS all-in-one I loaded my old Office 2007. If I keep it open on the laptop, eventually the laptop crashes, sometimes taking several reboots to operate correctly again (once I even had to reload all of the operating system).  We also have a Dell Inspiron and it does not have the problem.  I am thinking of just buying Microsoft Office 2019 (not the subscription).  Will I have the same problem?  I assume my problem has something to do with the application being 32bit. I see from old postings, that some problems with Office 2010 were resolved by deleting OLE32.dll.  Don't know if this is my problem,  Should I try or just get new updated software?  (I really don't want to spend the money, nor get acquainted with the newer version).  

Thank you for your input.

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Re: Microsoft Office 2007 crashes XPS13 9365

Office 2007 will install and run on Windows 10



32-bit application will run fine in Windows 10 64-bit.


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