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My XPS: a bomb in my backpack

This morning around 5:10 a.m. I woke up to the fans of my Dell blowing at full workload, I found that my XPS 15 9550 was turned on inside my backpack and it seems that not for a short time. I'm sure that I turned my laptop off when I got out from work. I had to take it out carefully because the chassis was very hot, and put it on a stand so that the laptop would cool down ASAP. This is a recurring problem since I bought this laptop, I tried to find solutions to the problem because no update from Dell has solved it (I've gone through multiple BIOS updates, downgrades, no matter what I do, the problem still happens sooner or later), I also run Diagnostics from Dell, the laptop is ok. I have tried clean Windows installations, I have changed the settings of Windows so that it does not start on its own and, heck this laptop got its motherboard replaced by a technician of Dell that moved to my house (premium support they call it)... I realized that when the laptop wakes up like this, it gets stuck in a waking up cycle in which if I turn it off it will turn it on again in 8 seconds after the power button light is off. I find it incredible that this happens with a premium laptop (2000€+). I'm afraid that my laptop will catch fire because I realized how hot it was when I grabed it to take it out of the backpack. My guarantee is finished but this is a serious problem that should be solved since it is a risk that a device with a battery will experience a problem like this (Hello Galaxy Note 7?).
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Re: My XPS: a bomb in my backpack

Something may be waking your computer. Have you tried turning off "Fast Startup". The normal shutdown on Windows 10 does not completely shut the computer down. It could be trying to do updates or other maintenance. There are some other possibilities. Check this site for some suggestions:



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Re: My XPS: a bomb in my backpack

I've had this issue with the 9550 too. It appears to be caused by failed automatic switchover from Sleep to Hibernate after a preset time. The switchover fails, and the laptop wakes instead, to this weird state from which it doesn't want to sleep/hibernate/turn off again. 

First do a hard shutdown (5 sec pwr button). Then reflash BIOS (same version - this seems to reset something). This just to get it back to normal. 

Then the workaround is to set Hibernate After in advanced power profile options to Never (0). 

Some said this was related to devices connected (wifi mouse dongles). 

Check also with powercfg (admin cmd window) if you have any "wake-armed" devices, and disable. Also set no wake timers on battery (can have them on AC power, for windows updates etc).

Sleep is now reliable for me, as long as I don't forget to charge for too long. Hibernate isn't unfortunately, sometimes cold boots instead. 



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