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Need help reading the dump file of a BSOD

Hi folks, i'm having a bsod on my xps 9560 and i can't understand how i can repair the problem. Is it possible to upload here the .dmp file to get some help? Thank you in advance
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Thank you for your message. Did the BSOD start after any Windows or driver update?


What is the BSOD error message you get?


Do you have any external device connected?  Like a printer or docking station?


Yes, you can upload the dump file here. If you are not able to do so, you can send me a private message.


For my reference, please click on the message tab next to your avatar– click “New Message” & search for my Dell username (Sreejith R) & send a private message with the service tag, registered name & email address.     


How to locate the service tag



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