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Netflix frozen only with Edge/Netflix App/Edge Chromium (XPS 15 9575)

I've been having this issue for a while. When I start anything on Netflix in Edge, Edge Chromium, or the app, the video loads but stays frozen on the first frame and no audio plays. I have looked around and investigated a possible DRM issue with Intel's DCH drivers but I reinstalled them multiple times and even reinstalled Windows. 

After reinstalling Windows, Netflix worked until Windows informed me to restart in order to finish its pending driver installations. After the restart, on a completely clean system, with only the Windows-supplied drivers loaded (absolutely nothing else installed), Netflix again did not work. Interestingly, I also see this problem when trying to play Spotify (with MS Edge), which is another DRM-protected service.

I checked event viewer and there seems to be a crash with AUDIODG.EXE every time I try to start a video...I've also tried messing with audio drivers, but again, this is happening on a clean install...which points me toward a possible hardware fault?

Any thoughts or advice?

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Re: Netflix frozen only with Edge/Netflix App/Edge Chromium (XPS 15 9575)

I have this same issue on my Dell XPS 15 9570. Does anyone have a solution?

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Re: Netflix frozen only with Edge/Netflix App/Edge Chromium (XPS 15 9575)

The system has a Bios update from 21 JUL 2019 .. is it installed?

You might try running just the Netflix app for testing and shutdown both Edge and Chrome so they don't interfere.


Do those systems have the Killer Wireless and Killer Control Center?  Is you feed wired or wireless?  Possible Router firmware update?

When I see Audiodg.exe mentioned, I also think about Cortana.You might try telling Cortana not to listen for you or disable the microphone.

I have no experience with AMD video devices, but I suppose having the latest sound and Video drivers is important.


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