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Network issue using Wireless-AC 8265 on XPS 13 9360

In last year I'm struggling with my GF laptop.

Since the first use before 2 years we faced with issue on the wifi connection, so local company that provide support in Warranty agreement, change the Killer card to Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 8265, but when technican tested it worked.

The problem: When connected to Wifi, the IP address is not valid until I use Windows Troubleshoot, then it will work fine (disconnect and re-connect without change to other network).
But, if I chnage to other wifi (like phone hotspot), I must re-use Windows Troubleshoot, to get problem fixed, otherwise the IP stay not valid.

What I tryed:

  1. Untick the IP-V6 because sometimes, the IP that I got was in V6
  2. Update the last driver from Dell site
  3. Update the last driver from Intel site
  4. Install windows updates
  5. Uninstall network drivers and restart the PC

None of this fixed the problem.
My opinion: It's seem like the adapter refuse to get new address until windows reset it.

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I have the exact same problem with the same laptop model and wireless adapter. Dell please help!

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