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New XPS 13 9300 Micro SD card will not eject

It has never worked correctly, machine is barely 1 month old. Tried multiple cards, every time the only way to remove it is to remove the bottom cover, after which I can press on the card and it pops out as it should. It is clearly an alignment issue with the very narrow slot in the bottom cover and the actual reader on the mainboard.

Support is telling me since i don't have "accident protection" there is nothing they can do, which is positively absurd. The machine has not been damaged. It likely just needs a new bottom cover or an adjustment to the fit of the cover. Now I'm being told I need to pay for repairs. Unacceptable. I can probably fix this myself by removing material from the bottom cover or determining if it is misaligned, but I shouldn't have to.

Extremely disappointed in Dell. The machine was not in an "accident". It was defective from the day I bought it. Fix it.

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I fixed it. Required removing the main board. There were two plastic studs that secure the keyboard that were protruding way too far down and pushing the card reader down to a position that it couldn't be correctly accessed. Removed the excess plastic, reassembled and the slot works perfectly now, and the card protrudes a millimeter or so outside the slot as it should so you can easily press on it to release it. I took pictures of some of the repair, if anyone has this issue and doesn't want to go through the hassle of convincing Dell they screwed it up at the factory and sending it in for an hour long repair, let me know.



Could you provide some photos of the plastic stud that should be removed? I have the same issue although it seemed to 'loosen up' over time. They are shipping a new bottom to me tomorrow though I am not sure this will solve the issue.



If your issue is the same as mine a new bottom cover will not fix it. The gap that is created by these little nubs that extend too far is what caused it. By trimming them the gap was closed upon reassembly.



If you're not experienced working with electronics this small I wouldn't recommend doing it yourself. You need to remove the motherboard to get to the nubs, and you need to remove the battery in order to remove the motherboard. There's about 14 very small screws as well as several ribbon and flex cables to disconnect and reconnect.  That said the difference is night and day. before the card would get stuck every time and the edge of the card was flush with the slot so the only way to remove it was to remove the bottom cover. Now it fits correctly and can easily be pressed to release the spring lock and it comes right out. If you can convince Dell it is a manufacturing defect (and it most certainly is at least in my case) they should be able to turn it around very quickly.


@AArak I got my replacement back cover  today which seems to solve the issue. I can insert and eject my cards easily now. The only 'con' about the replacement cover is that it doesn't have the laser etched inscriptions with the FCC, service tag etc. 


Cool that's good news. There must be multiple fitting issues that can present themselves with the micro sd reader. They've packed an awful lot of stuff into a very small space with these machines. Glad it worked out.


Apparently my happiness is rather short-lived. MicroSD cards work fine now, but somehow, when I tested on a UHS-II microSD card I got today, speeds are limited to UHS-I only. Only after some fiddling I can get faster UHS-II speeds to work under certain scenarios. I think I must have gotten some of those extra pins bent or something each time the microSD card got stuck.

Oh well. Guess I'll just have to live with it.

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