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New XPS 15-9570. Where is it?

It was supposed to start selling today April 16th, 2018. Where is it?

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bro...why would anyone pay 100$ for a...wait. PREORDER GIFT CARD???!!!!😂😂😂😂😂 Most people can recognize a scam when they see it

It's legit. Believe it or not. Check Frank Azors Twitter if you don't believe us.



Dude. Is no scam. Is a pre-order site. Read first before posting stupid fake news. 


That’s total **bleep**. The website is shoddy as **bleep**. Half of the buttons don’t work. The English used on it is worse than the scammers trying to promote it.


Plus, the new laptop uses i9 coffee lake, you’re using last years specs.


It seems they would :Surprise:




What a load of **bleep**. It’s clearly a cashstar website. All of you <attacking statement> saying it’s a dodgy looking link but it’s real, that **bleep** isn’t going to cut it here. We can see through your <attacking statement>


It is a cashstar site, there is no one disagreeing with that.  If you go to cashstar's website you will see that they are "Merchant Solutions for Gift Card eCommerce".  They are the vendor that Dell is using for gift cards ... which is how their pre-order process appears to work.  The legitimacy of this is documented repeatedly:

A tweet from Frank Azor ("Co-founder of Alienware and VP General Manager of Alienware, Gaming  XPS Dell")

A dell.com url talking about how the pre-order pass works (which also redirects to a cashstar page):

Dell's gift card page takes you to cashstar when you click buy:

And lastly, posts around the forum.

Yes, it looks sketcy.  Yes, it is a cashstar site.  Yes, Dell should find a better way to to this ... but .... it is legit!


So a tweet from an unverified account, a link that says it’s a dell link but it isn’t, and the fact that dell sells gift cards through cash star is your proof?

Dell would not sell pre orders through a site like that, especially a site littered with grammatical errors and buttons and links that don’t work.

Nice try though. It’s been confirmed plenty of times through reps that it isn’t available anywhere.

Well, ok. I wanted to edit my preious posts to correct my statement but apparently it doesn't let me.
Still not impressed by this operation.

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