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New battery not holding charge

I recently had a new battery put into my 6 year old XPS. This new battery does not seem to hold charge.  I shut it down at night with (for example) 70% left but on powering up in the morning it tells me I'm down to 7%. And before anybody asks, I know how to power down a laptop. The old battery definitely needed replacing  - it had swollen up and was lifting the track pad (as well as just not working). Any ideas as to why a supposedly new battery would not be holding charge? It seems to work OK during the day when I'm using it.

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Welcome to the Dell Community @Lydia66 

No I'm not going to ask if you know how to power down the laptop.

But I will ask if you know the model number of the laptop???

To better assist you, the members and I would need the exact model number of your laptop/desktop???

  1. Go into your BIOS.

Power-on the system and start tapping the F2 key to enter System Setup.

  1. In Windows:

Hold down the” Windows “key and tap the “R “key.

Then type msinfo32 and hit enter.

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Hello U2 and thanks

I've gone into the BIOS (what an adventure!) but I get 'Settings', not 'System Setup'. Therefore I cannot find Windows so as to hold down the Windows key and type "R" and continue with your instructions. However, are you wanting to know that it's a XPS 15 9550?


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