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Noisy working the laptop XPS 9570 with SSD drive.

I have a new laptop XPS 9570 with SSD drive. I thought that this laptop should work at all soundlessly, since it does not have a HDD drive. But in fact, when the laptop is turned on without load, and the fans do not work, then still there are some quiet squeaks and crackles (the sound is like when the metal cools down after a strong heating)
I want to ask, it is normal for such a laptop? Or does this laptop have to work absolutely soundlessly?

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..Two weeks? - it is too long! ...This is my working machine at this time.

By the way, is it possible to also change the fans to less noisy ones? When I bought this laptop XPS, I hoped that it would be really quiet! But in fact, that is under load the noise even louder than my old Lenovo ThinkPad.

You would have paid the upgrade fee at purchase.  If not, you have a depot warranty - Dell will collect the system, repair and ship it out with about a two week turnaround.


OK, thanks for explain. 

But how can I know, have I onsite-repair or not?

The coil cannot/will not be replaced.  You can ask for repair, but they'll replace the entire system board.  

Normal service time is 7-10 business days ship-to-depot, unless you have onsite repair.


Does anyone know how to replace this coil? Does it change under warranty? Or does Dell not consider the squealing of the XPS system as defect?

I just bought this laptop a month ago. Can I replace the coil by warranty?

And how long can it take? ...since this is my daily laptop for work


Therefore, drawing conclusions from your comment, the laptop (when there is no load) should work completely silently. Right?

I also want to ask people who are also the owners of XPS 9570 - please listen to your laptops in complete silence, do you also have some quiet squeaks or your laptops work silently?

( When buying a laptop in a store, it’s impossible to hear these noises, as there is usually a lot of noise on the trading floor. But at home, especially when you work late in the evening or at night, then in the silence the extraneous sounds emanating from the laptop are heard very well! )

That's coil whine. have it replace

By the way, sometimes something else squeaks as if faulty brakes in the car.

Is this normal?

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Really no one has an answer to my question?

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