Re: Notification from Dell Update: The system has been updated

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Re: Notification from Dell Update: The system has been updated

Experiencing the same issue with update pop-up after every reboot.  I am using an XPS-13-9370, running Dell Update v3.1 and Support Assist v3.4.  I can also confirm that I see the same apparent date error issue in regards to the Last Check for an update.  Mine is currently showing Last Check of 11-6-19 even though I have checked many times since, and a Last Update of 1-7-20.

I hope this gets fixed soon!



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Re: Notification from Dell Update: The system has been updated

Same issue here on an Alienware 17 R2 running Windows 10 Pro Version 1909 build 18363.535 with Alienware Update Version 3.1

Note that this issue has been persistent on this machine since buying it new in early 2016 and hence regardless of which version of Dell Support Assist and/or Dell/Alienware Update I happened to be running at any given time.

My "fix" for this has always been to uninstall and only reinstall when I want to check for system updates BUT I also fully understand that this is dodging the issue and is not a solution.

I completely agree this this MUST be a programming error I.e., BUG in the software relating to time/date stamps as several here have already indicated what is being reported in regard to opening the application and noting the values reported at both Last Check: AND Last Update: - in my case I have a Last Check value of 3/11/2019 (which seems about right as from memory I installed a BIOS update at around this time) and a Last Update value of 30/12/2018 - as is plainly evident there, the Last Update value is not being updated to reflect the same value as the Last Check which is when the Last Update was ACTUALLY installed.

My only other theory on all of this and I am purely speculating/throwing another idea into the mix, is that there is information held on a Dell server somewhere which is related to individual users/systems and there is something not right.

Have to say, and hopefully I am only imagining a worst case scenario which again is purely speculative, but I truly hope this has nothing to do with the Service Tag and PII issues and some sort of long standing cover up - Dell themselves have admitted to this breach and I am unsure of if the root cause/perpetrators were ever identified as internal or external and/or the full ramifications and usefulness of the information which was leaked/stolen

My understanding is that a Service Tag is basically useless to the attacker of an individual unless the attacker can also provide Name, Email and Phone Number along with the Service Tag to a Dell representative or the individual they are trying to scam through social engineering - but hang on, the offenders did seem to know this information so ... hmmm.

What am I talking about you may ask? Well you can read more in a Feb 16 article by Krebs here:


In the meantime I am going to do a clean install of Retail Win 10 Pro just because it is time to do so - after which I will install Alienware Update 3.1 again, run the checks, and then uninstall and reinstall periodically to check again.

Last of all, and IMO, this problem does not seem to get the attention it deserves being in relation to what could potentially become a security vulnerability because of buggy applications that fail to report/work correctly and furthermore, drive those using them to a point of frustration where they permanently uninstall.






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Re: Notification from Dell Update: The system has been updated

Looks like the "Last Check:" value is retrieved by reading the
C:\ProgramData\Dell\UpdateService\Log\Activity.log file and extracting <timestamp> from the last entry where message starts with "Checking for updates".

In my case I have no such entries at all and Dell Update displays "Last Check: Never" even though check for updates has been run multiple times and also updates have been installed in the past.

Either the check for update process doesn't write the required log entry anymore or it has changed the message for the this entry and it should perhaps look for this message instead.
<appname>Dell Update</appname>
<message>Getting inventory data...</message>
<data />

If I change one of the "Getting inventory data..." messages with "Checking for updates..." then the Dell Update -> "Last Check:" value is showing the corresponding date, but unfortunately that doesn't get rid of
the annoying "System has been updated" message on boot.

It seems like the DellClientManagementService Windows Service is running "C:\Program Files (x86)\Dell\Update\DellUpdate.exe' UpdatesApplied" on boot.

Looking in C:\ProgramData\Dell\UpdateService\Log\Service.log I see this:

INFO} Requested update set <2>: [{ HashCode: dce0b4ca, ReleaseId: TBT79, Name: "Intel Thunderbolt Controller Driver", VendorVersion: }, { HashCode: 2d21cde6, ReleaseId: FJJK7, Name: "Intel Thunderbolt 3 Firmware Update", VendorVersion: }]
INFO} Prescribed valid set <0>: []
INFO} Regular valid set <23>: [{ HashCode: cd62b606, ReleaseId: 695F9, Name: "Dell Help And Support Application", VendorVersion: }, { HashCode: d238c232, ReleaseId: WGNN6, Name: "ASIX USB to Serial / Parallel Port Driver", VendorVersion: }, { HashCode: 2398a7f1, ReleaseId: THYGX, Name: "Dell Foundation Services - Application", VendorVersion: 3.4.16100.0 }, { HashCode: 62e50db4, ReleaseId: 8MJFN, Name: "Dell Command | Power Manager", VendorVersion: 2.2.1 }, { HashCode: 50f92db2, ReleaseId: 8R3ND, Name: "Dell Wireless 1830 Bluetooth Application", VendorVersion: }, { HashCode: d262e994, ReleaseId: WC67W, Name: "Dell Mobile Connect Driver", VendorVersion: 2.0 }, { HashCode: fd2cee25, ReleaseId: 5M95W, Name: "Intel HID Event Filter Driver", VendorVersion: }, { HashCode: e348c80c, ReleaseId: DFDP5, Name: "STMicroelectronics Free Fall Data Protection Driver", VendorVersion: 4.10.0079 }, { HashCode: 97e0ce68, ReleaseId: 9WC61, Name: "Dell Customer Connect", VendorVersion: }, { HashCode: e7084462, ReleaseId: V373W, Name: "Killer Wireless AC 1535 and 1435 Bluetooth Driver", VendorVersion: }, { HashCode: a57fdcc9, ReleaseId: 8Y3XG, Name: "Dell Wireless 1830 WiFi Driver", VendorVersion: 1.566.0.0 }, { HashCode: 7a934483, ReleaseId: DX4T3, Name: "Dell Command Configure", VendorVersion: }, { HashCode: eac45552, ReleaseId: R16KJ, Name: "Realtek Memory Card Reader Driver", VendorVersion: 10.0.17763.21313 }, { HashCode: 99942038, ReleaseId: 0NJ7C, Name: "Dell Command Update for Win32", VendorVersion: 3.1.0 }, { HashCode: 2f2c4359, ReleaseId: G95KX, Name: "Killer Control Center Application", VendorVersion: 2.0.2369.0 }, { HashCode: e9ad4bee, ReleaseId: 9FX1M, Name: "Dell Update Application for UWP", VendorVersion: 3.1.0 }, { HashCode: 3950a286, ReleaseId: T48JW, Name: "Dell/Alienware Digital Delivery Application", VendorVersion: }, { HashCode: 70ca0bbe, ReleaseId: V104D, Name: "Dell Command Update for UWP", VendorVersion: 3.1.0 }, { HashCode: d04486a5, ReleaseId: K7MTH, Name: "Killer 1650W/1650X/1435/1435s/1535 WiFi Controller Driver", VendorVersion: 2.0.1170 }, { HashCode: 65070563, ReleaseId: 70PH6, Name: "Dell Command | Monitor", VendorVersion: }, { HashCode: 6b1cb54d, ReleaseId: WGFXM, Name: "SupportAssist Update Plugin Application", VendorVersion: }, { HashCode: 73d75cd8, ReleaseId: 633V1, Name: "Intel 3165/7265/8260/8265 WiFi driver", VendorVersion: }, { HashCode: 49263a38, ReleaseId: VD1KT, Name: "Intel HD Graphics Driver", VendorVersion: }]
INFO} Conditional check for [Dell Update], checking if prescribed updates are part of Invalid updates.
INFO} Update TBT79, Intel Thunderbolt Controller Driver, is not prescribed, adding it to Invalid Updates
INFO} Update FJJK7, Intel Thunderbolt 3 Firmware Update, is not prescribed, adding it to Invalid Updates
INFO} Valid Updates [0]
INFO} Invalid Updates [2]
INFO} [1] TBT79, Intel Thunderbolt Controller Driver,
INFO} [2] FJJK7, Intel Thunderbolt 3 Firmware Update,
DEBUG} Stage [Scanning] complete
DEBUG} Enter stage [Downloading]
INFO} No packages to download
DEBUG} Stage [Downloading] complete
INFO} Skipping restore point creation as no packages downloaded/found
DEBUG} Enter stage [Applying]
INFO} Found [0] installable package(s)
INFO} Found [0] self-update packages
INFO} Successfully installed [0] of [0] DUP updates
INFO} Successfully installed [0] of [0] plugin updates
INFO} Reboot required [False]
INFO} Resume pending updates [False]
DEBUG} Attempting to send notification 0x0006.

So my guess is that the notification (0x0006 = UpdatesApplied) is triggered by there being items in "Requested update set" and not based on there being items in "Valid Updates", which I assume would contain the actual updates 


help DT
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Re: Notification from Dell Update: The system has been updated

Since a forced Dell update a few days ago my XPS laptop shuts down when I try to use the Sleep mode and on each restart I get a notification of a Dell update downloaded.  I am a user, not an IT guru, with no idea how to rectify these issues. I do not have time deal with these problems multiple times per day every time I leave my machine for a while.

And now I got this when I registered for this board:

Someone at Dell help me please!!!

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Re: Notification from Dell Update: The system has been updated

I received a msg from Dell telling me that my service contract had expired - I knew this and also know that I cannot extend it anymore as my machine is too old. So how do I get this issue of shutting down everytime it goes into Sleep mode and also the Dell update message everytime I restart??

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Re: Notification from Dell Update: The system has been updated

in reply to the message of help DT

I am not a PC expert, but, from the description of your problems, it looks that something went wrong in the installation of the Dell Update. I would do the following:

- uninstall the SupportAsisst (in case you have it) and also the Dell Update using an uninstaller program which cleans also left over files  - in my experience the Revo Uninstaller does a good job , it is free and safe (but download it directly from the developer website (revouninstaller)

-reboot the PC

-install the 'Dell Update Application for UWP' , it seems to performs better with the newer Windows 10 versions than the Dell Update Application for Win32 

-reboot the PC

Note 1 - I personally do not keep the SupportAssist - I install it and use it if needed, but then I uninstall it.

Note 2 - looking at the Dell support website, it is also relatively easy to check for drivers updates, without the Dell Update and without the SuportAssist. Just click on the column 'release date' and you find the newest ones