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Notification from Dell Update: The system has been updated

New Dell XPS 15 running Windows 10.  I've had this computer for 4 days and I get a notification from Dell Update that the system has been updated every time I restart the system.  When I go into Dell Update, it indicates that the last update was 3 days ago.  

1.  Is it normal that I get this notification upon every system restart?  Does it actually mean that the system is up-to-date?

2.  While Dell Update software does show what updates have been done to the system and the version number, it doesn't get any more info, e.g. data/time that update was applied, or summary notes of the update.


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I'm running 1909 and can confirm the new Dell Update does NOT work.  Same issue.

I'm running Windows 10 Pro 1903 and this issue just started with the last update.  I have an Inspiron 7586 15 2-in1 laptop.

I have the same annoying issue with my Inspiron 5680.

It is hard to understand why Dell can't fix or neglects to pay attention to the issue which seems to have been experienced by many Dell customers.

 My voice added - same problem.  Won't turn updates off because IF AND WHEN Dell does decide to fix it, I want that update!  C'mon Dell.

Me too.  XPS15  7590.  Same problem.

Me too.  XPS15  7590.  Same problem.

I have the same problem, but it is not just annoying it messes up my internet connection. When I start up I find my internet connection isn't working. I do a restart and it is OK. A couple of minutes later I then get the Dell update message.

I have the same notice every time I REBOOT on a XPS 8910 system.  

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I'm also getting the "Dell Update -- The system has been updated" every time I boot up my Dell XPS 8930.

I hope a solution is found soon.

I just wanted to add my name to the very long list of users reporting this issue, which to me has been very well described and yet is one that Dell appears unable to rectify.

I am running an XPS 8900 with the latest version of Windows 10 and have Dell Update 3.1. As with others, I have noted that since about 2 weeks ago, the 'Dell Updates Applied' message appears every time I boot the PC, which was never the case previously. I presume it has been triggered by some form of Windows Update having been applied.

As with others, I have gone into Dell Update itself, and this clearly states that the last update was applied on 05/07/2019 (UK format) and was last checked on 18/12/2019 (UK format) and yet the message that a Dell update has been applied keeps appearing at machine start-up, which is clearly erroneous.

I too am out of warranty but as it clearly is an issue with Dell supplied software, I don't feel that it is unreasonable to expect it to be fixed, particularly as the issue was first reported some time ago.

Is there an ETA for a resolution?

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