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OS recovery tool is unable to locate the file to download XPS 9350

I have tried on three different computers and cannot get the OS recovery SW to DL the image. 

Isn;t the factory images downloadable without having to use the SW?


Dell recovery tool download error.jpgDell system assist DL failure.jpg

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No, and with newer systems a different download setup was used, so older systems like this one likely do not have images available any longer.

Beyond that, any system image that shipped in 2015 or so is essentially useless now - it's so far out of date it would require so much patching and updating you would be far better off just downloading the newest WIndows 10 image from the MS Media Creation tool and using that to do a clean install.



I like having a choice in the matter.  I know that already and would have done that if I choose to.  Windows allows us to update the OS as we go along.  Were you aware of Windows updates? 

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