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Only works when plugged in.... XPS 15 9530

Hey there. I bought a laptop second hand off a guy. An XPS 15 9530, and it has been working fine for a few months, battery was keeping me going for a couple of hours whilst unplugged. All of a sudden it turns off the instant i pull the charger cable out.

Not sure whats going on at this point. 

Ive opened up the back of the laptop and pulled the battery out and put it back in again. I also tried removing the 'flea power'. I also checked the bios and it said that the battery health was normal, even on the corner of my screen in the task bar it says '74% available' currently. 

Im not sure if I should order another battery or try something else. Any ideas? 

Cheers, Will

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Possibly a bad battery or a bad motherboard. The battery is the cheaper part to try first. And if that does not work then it is possible the charging circuit on the MB is not working. Have a look at this forum post.

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I also checked the bios just then and it says battery adapter 130w

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