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PW7015L Power Companion With Dell XPS 9510/9520?

Hi.  I am using an old dell xps 15 9550 from years ago.  I had bought 2 PW7015L power companions to use with my laptop.  I know this is a barrel type of powerbank.  And from what I see on dell site, many of the xps laptops after the 9550 use usb-c for the powerbank correct?  Thus the 9510/9520 would use the PW7018LC powerbank as its usb-c.


My question is could I still use the PW7015L power companion with the 9510/9520 laptop if I choose to buy one of these 2 xps laptops?  The issue is the power companion I have is a barrel and not usb-c but I recall reading somewhere you could buy an adapter and that would work with the new xps laptops?  Can others confirm this or not? And what is the link to that adapter and has anyone here bought it and used it with success?  Because I will most likely get a xps 9510 or 9520 and would want to use my current power companions and wouldn't want to buy another 2 of them etc.


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There is an adapter to allow using a barrel plug device with a USB-C jack.




Its been out of stock for a long time.  So you are saying if you buy this, then you could use the PW7015L barrel power bank with it on either the Dell xps 9510 or 9520 correct?


Now what if i buy another laptop like say a lenovo legion or lenovo legion 7 or asus g14 laptop.  Would I be able to use the Dell PW7015L along with that adapter to those non dell laptops if it has usb-c charging?  Or I would have to buy the Dell PW7018LC for that?  Does that one work with other brands or not?  I am asking this because I have 2 PW7015L powerbanks that I use with my dell xps 15 9550 and if i get a new laptop... whether dell xps 9510/9520 or a lenovo/asus... I want to be able to use those powerbanks if it means just buying that adapter you posted?


Any comments on this?  Will that adapter work with eitehr the 9510/9520 if you already have PW7015L?  So even if you buy that adapter, it would not work with non dell laptops like lenovo or asus right?

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Others can confirm buying that cable will allow me to use my old barrel powerbank on the new dell xps laptop now?  


However, where can i buy it if always out of stock?


Can someone here tell me if that adapter posted above would work to allow my PW7015L powerbank to work on the xps 9520?  However, it seem to still be out of stock?  


It's been out of stock for 2 months, you might have to reach out to Dell and see if you can get your hands on one (it might not be coming back).


You can contact them and ask them this even though it hasn't been on the website?  Has anyone done this before with dell products?  How do you know its been out of stock for 2 months?  It probably been out longer than that?

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Try PMing Dell-Cares and they might be able to help you. I cannot help you specifically since I do not work for Dell

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If you're familiar with welding electronics, you can roll your own adapter. Look up an USB PD charger trigger (20V, I assume 45W?) and a suitable socket for the barrel plug. 

Maybe sth like this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/312705399960

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