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PW7015L Power Companion With Dell XPS 9510/9520?

Hi.  I am using an old dell xps 15 9550 from years ago.  I had bought 2 PW7015L power companions to use with my laptop.  I know this is a barrel type of powerbank.  And from what I see on dell site, many of the xps laptops after the 9550 use usb-c for the powerbank correct?  Thus the 9510/9520 would use the PW7018LC powerbank as its usb-c.


My question is could I still use the PW7015L power companion with the 9510/9520 laptop if I choose to buy one of these 2 xps laptops?  The issue is the power companion I have is a barrel and not usb-c but I recall reading somewhere you could buy an adapter and that would work with the new xps laptops?  Can others confirm this or not? And what is the link to that adapter and has anyone here bought it and used it with success?  Because I will most likely get a xps 9510 or 9520 and would want to use my current power companions and wouldn't want to buy another 2 of them etc.


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Took a look at it.  Meant to be installed inside the charger or xps laptop?


Anyone here has that dell adapter?

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Try PMing Dell-Cares or the "Get help now" button and see if they have anymore information than I do

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Does anyone have any opinion on this?  Why is this adapter out of stock for this long from dell?  Is there any alternative to this like a similar cable?


What country do you reside in? You don't have to post it publicly (you can PM me) or you don't have to tell me at all but I am just asking because it might affect availability.



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Would this sunjack power bank work just as well as the dell pw7018lc powerbank?


Does anyone have a clue where i can buy that dell adapter?  Because I still want to use my old 2 PW7015L powerbanks with the new xps 15 9520.

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Okay I looked into it. The barrel to USB C adapter only supports up to 65w, the XPS 15 9520 needs at a minimum 90w. The linked sunjack power bank could work. However, you take a risk as Dell sometimes limits third party adapters to 65w and only allows 90w/130w from their own adapters.


If the barrel to usb c only supports up to 65w, xps 15 9520 need a minimum of 90w, then it doesn't work?  


What about my old xps 15 9550 that used the PW7015L then?  How much w did the 9550 need minimum?  Because it did work with the old PW7015L.


If the sunjack could work but limit it to 65w, then it works but not as good?  What would be the big issue if it is using 65w?


Also you can use it while plugged in right?  There is no issue with that with the old xps 9550 and the PW7015L.




1. I would say there is no guarantee for it working properly.

2. This number can be found in the setup and specifications document or by reading the original AC adapter supplied with the laptop.

3. If a laptop expects a 90w power adapter but only receives 65w, it can cause issues

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