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Pain of owning XPS 15-9570


This is my first post and i created it with hope that somebody will benefit from it. In this post i want to share my experience of owning XPS 15-9570 for last 6 months. This information could be useful for somebody considering to buy xps laptop. So I bought my laptop in September. I was between razer blade 15 and dell xps 15. The reason i choose xps was the international warranty what they provide. In short - I regret my chose. So in last 6 months i have had a lot of software issues and several hardware issues. Last 6 months have been constant communication with dell support cause constantly something new fails on my laptop.

First thing was keyboard, I couldn't normally type cause every other key press wouldn't be register. So i had to send laptop to service where they changed keyboard. Receiving laptop week later problem wasn't solve. It took about 2 months for Dell to get working driver which fixed the problem. So for 2 months it took 5 times longer to write any email. So i just didn't use it.

After this keyboard issue was fixed I stared to use laptop, and had some few skype calls and so on. When i noticed next issue which was web cam. Quality was awful with a lot of distortion in video. So that was replaced to. 

And then i had battery problem. Battery full charge capacity was't close to design capacity. I am glad that i did battery tests when i received laptop back in September cause with out that data i wouldn't be able to prove that i already revived laptop with 10 % deference between full charge capacity and design capacity. So battery was changed to.

Now i am waiting for my speakers to be changed, cause it has crackling noise (and no with headphones sound is good). And my video fan has a critical error and it will be change too. 

So in short those are hardware issues till now.

The big problem is that due to my work starting from summer i will be traveling to different country's  every few months and i even don't know when i will get back to USA. So if laptop will keep failing I don't know how fast i will be able to fix it outside USA even if I have international warranty. 

When i asked Dell is it possible to get refund or different laptop (like alienware) in same price range, due to constant failure of my XPS 15-9570 the answer was that they can't promise that. Well maybe i just have to try?

In the end i wasn't expecting experience and quality like this for laptop which cost me more thank 2100$. 

p.s. I have had around 250-300 emails between me and Dell so i can say communication with Dell has been positive they always respond fast and polite. 

sorry for long post.

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