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Please add XMP to the XPS BIOS

Just bought the XPS 15 9570 and installed 2x16GB DDR4 Ram (2666mhz) by Crucial.
After installing them the frequency is advertised as 2400mhz which is under the standard for the Intel Coffee Lake CPUs. Allthough the system is running and everything seems stable so far, I just would love an option in BIOS to enable XMP and test out 2666Mhz which is the native system setting! The So-Dimms ARE 2666Mhz and there's no reason for the system to lower them. Please pass this on to your devs!

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Good feedback! I will send them this information. Thanks!!

@DELL-Jesse L

Thanks, that'd be awesome.

Any updates about Dell adding XMP to XPS BIOS?

Chances:  slim to zero.  I don't think any XPS notebook has ever shipped with XMP.

If you want that feature, Dell will happily sell you an Alienware.


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@Spiderkle - Can you please help me with exact part number of the crucial ram. i have dell 9750 with 8gb ram, i wish to upgrade it to 32gig. 

i saw a post, which mentioned some ram issues with this model.


You can use any DDR4 so-dimms that are 2400mhz or above; Crucial value ram, Ballistix, or even the Gskill Ripjaws will work fine. The system will just lower some Ram to it's Non-XMP native setting. For example gskill sells a so-dimm advertised at 2400MHz but in the Dell XPS 15 (2018) it will run even below that at 2133MHz without XMP enabled. I have tried several brands but haven't figured out a workaround to reach the system native 2666MHz without XMP. They all work fine though and there is no noticable difference at that small frequency variation. 


Can you tell which processor you have in your laptop, as there are two model one with I7 and one with i9 processor. 

if you can give me the exact model number of what RAM you are using it will be really helpful.

P.S below thread where everyone is complaining about third-party RAM not compatible with this particular laptop.




Sure i'll do you one better it's exactly this kit;  https://www.amazon.de/Crucial-CT2K16G4SFD8266-Speicher-PC4-21300-260-Pin/dp/B071H38422

I have the i7 model. Though i didn't have problems with either ballistix or gskill 2666Mhz i can confirm that no 2133MHz Ram would work on my system either. I tried so many scenarios😂 Crucial value in the link were the most stable. So i wouldn't recommend lower frequency than the i7s recommended 2666MHz. Even if the Bios somehow lowers these brands multipliers.

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