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Poor Communication After Ordering XPS 15

TLDR: Dell wouldn't be hurt by faster delivery times, and absolutely should communicate to customers when they won't be able to meet their delivery estimate.

I recently ordered a Dell XPS 15. I was very excited to get it, despite the ~3.5 week wait for shipping. Last week (July 2), it finally shipped. On Friday (July 3), I noticed in the morning that the UPS tracker indicated that documentation necessary to export the computer was missing. Because no one has indicated otherwise, I'm assuming that it was Dell's responsibility to provide necessary documentation to UPS and something went wrong in that process. Dell was telling me that the order would get in on July 6, so I checked how long UPS international shipping would take in general, and I found that it's 2 days. It's now July 6 and documentation still hasn't been provided to allow it to exit the country, meaning narrowing chances I'll even get it the same week as they had predicted.

Fortunately, I had plenty of time around which I could receive the computer. However, for people who need their delivery to arrive within a certain time window, until Dell becomes more communicative about issues in the process, it might be wise to avoid them.

It's worth noting that everyone I've talked to at the company has been friendly and has tried their best to be helpful. After reaching out to them, I've been notified that it should ship within the next 24 hours and begin its 2 day journey. I'm disappointed with the fact that Dell couldn't give a more accurate estimate or else let me know when they figured out that their given estimate was inaccurate.

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Sorry to hear. It sounds like the international aspect of this added another level of complexity -- however, I get it, yes, they should be more accurate/on top of something like this. Given the landscape of what's going on, I also think as a result of COVID-19, more and more assembly line, production, shipping, etc., issues are becoming more common. I've had it happen with everything that I've ordered, bought, paid for, within the last 30 days. Nothing is running or performing normal.

I've had issues with both the USPS, UPS, and yes, even Fed Ex. 


Yeah, since posting there have been a couple updates which indicate that the delays are everyone's fault. The only thing Dell should have done better is automating delay notifications and keeping me in the loop. It's currently clearing customs, which even normally can take a while. It kinda stings too, because one of my friends ordered a MacBook a couple weeks ago and it arrived within the week. I guess that's what you get when you pay an extra half grand for the same hardware.

At this point, I'm just hoping it arrives before I need to leave on business next week. 

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