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Poor customer support

I ordered an XPS on a Friday and by Tuesday it hadn't been shipped. Out of frustration I canceled the order. A couple weeks later again on a Friday morning I reordered. When I did I spoke with a representative and asked, when it would ship? I was told less than 24 hours. At the end of the day I had not received confirmation so I called. I was told it would be going out soon. Hearing my concern the representative offered to have the shipping upgraded to overnight and confirmed that in an email. On Monday no tracking information. I checked my card transactions to see if I had been charged, yes I had and I just noticed I was never given a credit for the one I never received weeks earlier. I had to get my bank involved to resolve that one. Finally Tuesday evening I did receive tracking information but, it was ground? I called and was told I will receive a credit of $200. The laptop arrived Saturday and not only have I not received the credit, I was just told by a manager that it was not accepted by their finance department and he wanted me to accept a lesser amount. I'm having a hard time believing such a large company could treat it's costumers so poorly. Does anybody know the best way to resolve this?     

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