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Problem with dell xps 13 9360

XPS 13 9360

Hello everyone, if possible i would like to hear from you to try and solve a problem i have in my pc.

i had to replace the palmrest because the suport of the hinges was broken, now that i fixed that problem, when i try to turn the computer on, it doesnt, and i get a flashing led sign wich consist when i connect the charger i see white light, but after few seconds goes off, the after a little i get 3x amber flash led and 1x white one for 7 times, after that the amber led stays on for 3 seconds and goes off, and the pc doesnt turn on. i tried to remove the batery the cmos pressed the power button for 30 seconds, turn everything on again and its allways the same error, the battery was good and everything was working good before.


thank you for your kind pacience and your time to help me

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This is a CMOS battery failure -- replace the CMOS battery (also called the reserve battery).

See here for the service manual:


This is the part you will need:




Thank you sir, i will need to wait since i need to get that part, and its going to take a while since its a particular batery, i will hope its the batery and will write again when i tried diferent batery. thak you


Hello Sir,  im out of luck, i replaced the battery, now i dont have the led error code, still no signal. either only in the battery or either in power cord from socket of the wall. sometimes and i dont know why the cpu fan runs a bit, and once or twice the keyboard was lit. when i press the button to see the charge of the battery, its fully charged.

Any chance you have more advice for me please?

Thank you

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