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RAID -> AHCI = much much quieter fan ???

XPS 13 9370

Until yesterday my XPS fan was driving me crazy - even on sleep doing next to nothing it would hiss and puff away for 10-15 minutes before stopping; just running low demand stuff the fan was constantly hissing away.

Yeterday I upgraded my 512GB Intel SSD to a Samsung EVO 970 1TB drive (both NVME). To get the Samsung driver installed and have Samsung Magician workingI had to change the BIOS settings from RAID to AHCI

(be careful doing this - see:

http://triplescomputers.com/blog/uncategorized/solution-s witch-windows-10-from-raidide-to-ahci-oper...


That all went well, (Samsung benchmarks better than Intel) but the unexpected bonus is that the fan is now a lot lot quieter. Checking disk and CPU temperature shows no problem.

My question is why is this?

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