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Realtek(R) Audio driver issue

Recently, I downloaded an update for Realtek audio driver from Dell support website. Part of the procedures of the installation is the uninstallation of the old drivers and then restarting; when the computer restarted, windows automatically installed the native audio drivers (High Definition Audio Drivers). Surprisingly, the sound with the native drivers was much better: the sound was louder, contained no crackling, and the volume didn't suddenly rise and lag the laptop (all of which were problems that I faced with with Realtek(R) Audio Drivers). I canceled the installation of the new update and kept the native drivers. Sadly, every time I restart my computer the Realtek(R) Audio drivers are installed again. I don't no why the first time the native driver was installed it wasn't replaced, but it always gets there after. I tried many things starting from disabling windows automatic driver installation and changing the group policy in the editor all the way to denying the system permission to the Realtek file in C/Program Files(x86)/Realtek. My question is simple: how do I keep the Microsoft native drivers as the default drivers?

I have a XPS 15 9570 i7 8th gen and Windows version (2004 build 19041.450)

Thanks in advance .

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this may not work but worth trying seeing you had the ms drivers installed at one time. in device manager expand sound, video and game controllers>Realtek audio>properties. is the roll back driver button available or is it greyed out. if not greyed out click it and it should roll back to the ms driver.

It's greyed out :C.


If i roll back the Realtek(R) audio driver. Go back to Microsoft driver? 

(Use the translator)


Hi Lean,

I think I used to uninstall the driver completely (not roll back the driver), then windows would install the native drivers.
After mere minutes, Realtek(R) audio drivers automatically install themselves with no way of stopping them.
I ultimately settled with a version of Realtek drivers that works decently.


Oh so instead of reverting the driver uninstall it?

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