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Reoccurring audio issue, XPS 13 9370

The speakers on my XPS 13 9370 seem to have a habit of ceasing all function. I've had the laptop for less than two months and this has happened twice already, first when I tried plugging in a non-midi keyboard and again today after a normal Windows update.

I've found that the solution of uninstalling the speakers and then restarting the laptop works for me. But the thing is, this is a huge pain in the butt for an expensive laptop with an otherwise polished user interface. And this issue is quite common and has been persisting for years. How come it still exists at all?

Also, writing this on a mobile device is close to impossible. When I tap to move the cursor, it'll jump to a completely different part of the text.

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Re: Reoccurring audio issue, XPS 13 9370


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