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Replace 9370 UHD screen with FHD?


I have just smashed the glass on my XPS 13 9370. The screen still works fine and the touch still works but the glass is completely smashed. 

The model i have is the 4k UHD touch screen, im wondering does anyone know if the FHD 1080p screen for this model have the same plugs as the UHD and if so does it work? 

The 1080p is cheaper and also i dont need the 4k screen i would be just as happy with the 1080p, also i will most likely save battery too. Just wanting to know if it plugs in and works or if its completely different plugs etc. 

Thanks for any help

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Hello, they can be changed. Their interfaces are different. You need to replace a screen cable in addition to the screen.


Thanks for your reply.

I was thinking about buying the whole top assembly which comes with the screen cables and hinges so if i buy the 1080p assembly it should work? 


If you buy a 1080p component, it should work, as long as a cable is replaced before it can be used, because this is different from your original

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Hi, ran into the same issue, smashed UHD touch screen, want to replace with FHD screen, did it work? / what is a 1080p component 

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