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Replacement Wi-fi card for Dell XPS 13 9360

Hello, I want to replace the factory installed Killer wifi card with an Intel card. I have found the killer card to be very unreliable. Could some tell me if the Intel Wireless-AC 9560 is compatible with my Dell XPS 13 9360? If not could you tell me which is the fastest intel card that is compatible?
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@DickyB188  I don't think the 9560 works because the XPS 13 9360 to my knowledge doesn't support CNVio.  However, the Intel 9260 is essentially the 9560 with all components built onto the card itself, which means the 9260 doesn't require CNVio.  That should work fine, in fact I installed a 9260 into my even older XPS 15 9530 system.

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