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Replacing thermal on my XPS 15 9560

Hello Y'all,

I have my XPS for around 3 years and about a month I started having serious CPU throttle issue's.

When I started using my XPS, StarCraft II would nicely hangs around 60 FPS (using Vertical Sync).

But for a couple of weeks, especially when Thermal Management set to "Ultra Performance", the game starts at 60 FPS, but drops to 10 FPS and even 1 FPS after a while. 

But if If use ThrottleStop and undervolt my CPU with -125 mV, it stay around 60 FPS again (with still on the "Ultra Performance" profile)

And If I set the Thermal Management to "Cool" it als stay's more stable. If the Throttle kicks in, the FPS drop to about 25 for a moment and goes back to 60 FPS.

Because of this, I want to replace the thermal paste of my XPS, so I wont have to undervolt again.

Does someone also has this experience and can someone advice me which thermal paste I have to use for an excellent cooling?

(I don't mind which durability the paste has. I want to replace the paste every 2 or 3 year if needed).

Kind regards,


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TG Kryonaut and Gelid EC tend to be most recommended. 

The problem may be due to cooling fins clogged with dust - if so you may not need to repaste. Repasting isn't difficult, but isn't a job for just anyone either. If you're not experienced, better find professional help. Removing old paste is messy and must not be hurried. 

Despite repaste, undervolting is still recommended, because it decreases the production of heat. 


Hello samos1111,

Thank you for the reply.

As an old PC-builder, i'm have experience with placing thermal paste.

But because laptops are mobile and I move it a lot, I did not know for sure which thermal paste is recommended.

Do you also have experience with Arctic MX-4 paste?



Hey, this is really late, but I also have a XPS 15 9560. I'd say that most thermal pastes would be fine. When I was researching thermal pastes, it seemed that pretty much all of them were good for CPU/GPU repasting. I used Grizzly Kryonaut, so I don't have first person use of Arctic MX-4, but given that they are both thermal pastes, and pretty much any thermal paste you buy is going to be better than the one Dell put on the CPU/GPU, Arctic MX-4 should be good.

Forum answer to your question (Tom's Hardware):

Which thermal paste is best for laptops

Here are all my previous sources when I was researching everything:

Thermal repaste guide (Youtube)

Undervolt guide (reddit)

Thermal repaste guide 2



Hello Y'all,

I placed the Arctic MX-4 Thermal Compound and these are my results:

Dell Power Manager Thermal Management profile: "Ultra Performance"


GPU: around 73 degrees Celsius

CPU: 83 degrees Celsius with a peak of 90 degrees.

While playing StarCraft II, I had no frame-drops, but unfortunate while playing Fortnite, the CPU started throttling from 2800 MHz to 2000 MHz and my frames dropped to around around 100 FPS to 50 FPS.

After starting ThrottleStop, configured a voltage offset of -125 (for both the CPU Core and CPU Cache), the temperatures stayed around:

CPU: 75 degrees Celsius

GPU: 67 degrees Celsius

Both, while playing Fortnite.

My conclusion, the Arctic MX4 does provide a better cooling.

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