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SK Hynix PC401 NVME SSD question

Hello, I have a simple newbie question regarding the SSD that came from my XPS 15 9560. The SSD is called SK Hynix PC401 NVME 500GB, thought to be better than the common PC300.

However my confusion is, are NVME's the same as PCIe? Or say, do all NVME's use PCIe? I am trying to find out if this is a NVME PCIe or just plain NVME.

Replies are a great help!


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Re: SK Hynix PC401 NVME SSD question

NVMe is the new logical device interface spec; it's the new way to speak to PCIe based SSDs. The old interface spec is AHCI which can be used for both PCIe and SATA interface. 

NVMe supports a whole range of things that wasn't possible with AHCI as it was designed specifically for SSDs. AHCI was designed for spinning platters. That being said, not all PCIe SSDs are NVMe, some are still AHCI.

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