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SSD upgrade advice for XPS 9530, remove msata


I have an XPS 9530 with 2.5" 1 TB HDD and a 32 GB SSD mSATA for cache(?).

I bought a 2.5" 480 GB SSD (Kingston A400, it was cheap and I don't need more space), I would like to do a clean install of windows on it, I will also like to remove the 32 GB mSATA drive on the XPS to avoid complications(?).


Question:  Can I simply remove the current HDD and mSATA, and place the 2.5" 480 GB SSD inside, and then do a clean Windows install from a boot usb?

I believe the steps I have to follow are: 

1. Remove SSD cache and HDD

2. Insert new SSD

3. Change BIOS to disable Intel stuff and set disk protocol to AHCI

4. Install Windows onto this new disk


However, I ideally would like to avoid the issues faced here: https://www.dell.com/community/Laptops-General/XPS-15-9530-32GB-mSATA-1TB-HDD-HDD-update-to-SSD-Lapt...


Can anyone confirm these steps? Has anyone done this before with this model?


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Re: SSD upgrade advice for XPS 9530, remove msata

I’m not sure what happened to that one user in the thread you linked that caused switching from a spinning HDD to an SSD resulted in a slower system (maybe a bad SSD?), but the upgrade you’re considering is very common and has been done with good results by a lot of XPS 15 9530 owners, and yes the steps you’ve described are correct.

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