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Sent a Brand New Laptop with Fan and Audio jack issues

I purchased a brand new $2,000 ish set up from Dell:

XPS 2-in-1 9575

1.  The fan turns on when you fold it into tent mode or tablet mode at the exact point each time.  It turns off if you go back to latpop mode.  This is with the newest bios updated.  Older bios fixes the fan but causes a host of other issues.  Either way you are trapped.

2.  If you use headphones above level 10 sound settings there is static noise in the left earbud, or headphones.  

I have been trying to get Dell to contact me but tech support refuses to send customer service from Dell that can actually HELP me and instead just send people that seem to have no idea what they are doing.

It is if DELL does not even have an XPS 2-in1 to TEST these issues themselves and then offer a fix.  This is especially sad when you consider the number of people that are having this issue.  I have contacted Tech Support for Dell and even they did NOT know what to do and suggested a lot of tests.  I mentioned the bios issue as I had to search for it on Google to HELP the actual tech support to come up with a solution.  I have asked them to ask DELL itself to contact me as this is a BRAND NEW laptop and they refuse and only continue to send emails from the tech support which has no common sense and appear to have no idea what they are doing.  My issues continue:

1. The fan issue is just one of which they can not fix as they can only offer a bandaid fix (that I had to suggest) and that is a rollback to an older bios update.  After doing that I get the warning in the Dell Support Assist to update to the new bios which were labeled as critical.

2.  After Dell tech support rolled back the bios to fix the fan issues it then caused the laptop to start showing warnings that the charger that Dell provided for the laptop was not compatible.  

3.  After contacting tech support about the issues they said to install the updates suggested in the Dell Support Assist.  Which I did and guess what?  The fan issue is BACK and now the audio jack has static (tested with 3 external headsets and earbuds).  

So no I have had tech support throw on a bandaid solution, then tear the bandaid off and weeks later I am exactly where I started.

The reason many want this laptop is to go into tablet mode and use it as an iPad and use the touchscreen.  This is annoying if the fan is running so loud and never seems to turn off.  Also, I can not watch a movie or youtube if I plug into the audio jack because it causes static sounds (on the left).  

I have requested NUMEROUS times for DELL (not their lame tech support) to actually contact me in regards to the issues as I would prefer to have a working laptop and not a $2,000 item I am afraid to use because of the issues that they can not seem to fix.  

I am under the belief now that Tech Support will not contact DELL itself as they want me to keep a laptop that doesn't work and just keep pushing me back over time.  

Yes, the tech support does try to help but this isn't an issue for them to fix.  This is an issue with DELL sending a product out that doesn't work and then expecting the buyer to deal with tech support on a brand new device.

Looking a the posts online you can see that this issue was happening in 2018 too and should have been fixed prior to sending me a computer that doesn't work as INTENDED. 

I am still waiting to hear from DELL as I like the computer if it WORKS properly and would prefer they send me one that actually works so that I can enjoy it.  Or at the very least to contact me and not just send tech support with their bandaid strategies (when they don't even understand the issue).

Just like in this thread actual DELL people saying that maybe you should check the fan settings instead of actually understanding the laptop issue.  Go get a Dell 2-in-1 and fold it to see the fan issue kick on just before tablet mode and immediately off when folded back to laptop mode.  It acts like a switch.  

So tired of being on support for hours on this issue.  I wouldn't have to deal with this **bleep** using an iPad.  

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Re: Sent a Brand New Laptop with Fan and Audio jack issues

For the audio static, might try updating the driver as given in the solution here:
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