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Service delays for my XPS Duo 12 with Premium Support Warranty

I purchased an XPS Duo 12 9Q33 last year in December 2019 and the unit is still under Premium Pro Support Warranty and I'm facing certain issues with the display and touch pad on the same. Reported to Dell Tech Support (SR# was raised) and after diagnosing the issue over phone for more than an hour I was informed that the services will be booked for replacing the Display Unit and touch pad and even after three days the services for the same hasn't been booked.

All I'm being told is we're waiting for an Approval from our back end team. I'm listening to the same thing over and over again for the last three days. Is this what Premium Support all about? I just can't imagine how many days it'll take to get the issues resolved as they haven't booked the services yet and then usually they never have parts readily available for which perhaps I gotta wait further. 

I've been using Dell laptops since over 12 years now and something like this is simply hilarious and unacceptable at the same time. The services earlier used to be completed before the ETA and here there has been NO ETA's in three days. 

Can anyone please let me know why it has gone down this low and the cause for the delay?

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