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Should I charge my XPS 13 9370 all the time?

Hello Dell Community,

This is my first time here with you guys, looks like the good and helpful advices are coming from here so I decided to take a part of this cool community.

So basically, I'm trying to keep my laptop as much as possible. wasn't cheap at all to buy this version (9370).

Since I almost finished to build up my working station in my room, I was wondering what is the best way to keep my battery from draining or any other issues.

Many things that I've read is: adjust settings in dell power manager and the regular method of discharge when a battery is reaching below 20% and not more than 80%.


Please feel free to explain to me all your experience with dell batteries specific in their laptops.




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@n1vgabay  read the answer I wrote in this thread where someone asked the same question about the XPS 13 9360.  Yes, limiting max charge to 80% and setting minimum charge to around 20-50% is a good way to increase the long-term lifespan of your battery, but of course it means that it will be less convenient to use on a day to day basis.  That's the tradeoff.

Thanks for your reply mate.  How do I change BIOS settings carefully to set up this configuration?
What actually "Dell Power Management" do? ("Primarily AC Use" mode).

DELL-Alan D, in Dell's website it saying that this method of charging/discharging it's not relevant anymore in the 'new' batteries which I'm assuming I have one of those.

Please keep sharing all the information you have.  Very helpful.

@n1vgabay that is correct. @jphughan discusses the different chemical make up of the batteries in his referenced post explaining in more detail what the article mentions.


Can I rely on this dell's power management feature at home?

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