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Should I consider parts replacement?

So I was using my XPS 15 in class. And my friend wanted to use it so I gave him the green light. I went to the bathroom right before class ends due to toilet emergency. I told my friend to help keep my laptop for me. I came back with my laptop in my bag and proceed to leave for lunch. Break was 1 hour long and my laptop was in my bag for an hour.

Here's the problem. My friend didn't turn off my laptop manually. Instead, he just fold the laptop and kept it in my bag. As, I grab my bag, the straps were super hot. I was shocked and quickly open my bag to realize that my laptop's fan ave been running full throttle. The fans were suffocating and my laptop was so hot that I couldn't even touch it. I had to remove it quickly and place it on the table. I let it cool for 15 minutes and the fans were still running full throttle. 

At this point I'm worried that the parts are damaged and are in need of replacement. The laptop is now currently working fine with no issues. Should I get my parts exchange? Especially the cooler, cpu and gpu. I'll be relying on this machine for the next 3-4 years of my college degree and I can't afford to get a replacement after pouring so much money into this machine. I have around 160 days left on my 1 year premium warranty. 

What should I do?

TL;DR : Laptop overheated til' not safe to touch with bare hands. Should I get the parts replaced?

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Re: Should I consider parts replacement?

You can't replace laptops parts individually except ram and hard drive. You should read this and run the diagnostics to check the hardware for any damage. 


It sounds like you are ok. You might have caught the overheating in time and you did allow it to cool down before using it. See if you have any problems pop up as you use the laptop in the next week or so. There is nothing that the warranty support can do if the laptop is performing fine. The warranty usually does not cover accidental damage. Check your warranty. 

You have learned a lesson about checking the computer before putting it in the bag.  

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