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Still rocking the m1330 (⊙⊙)

*Touch wood*


Some of you will know that this lap/model had an overheating issue with the GPU that were quite common after release in 2007; of which Dell extended support and released a BIOS revision that helped mitigate the problem, but time wouldn't be kind and a lot of Laptops failed - With some comments in forums that were surprised that users in 2011 still had functioning m1330s.


It's 2020 and this kid has been my daily HTPC/Couch driver since 2009!




1. I'm very lucky

2. I was smart and looked after it. ( Although I did used to game with it back in the day)


Since I got it as a present I did some looking and read about the GPU issue and instantly installed the copper mod ,updated the BIOS and used a Laptop cooler.


It has seen various upgrades over the years.

Came with 32bit vista, then onto 32bit Win7, and after I found out the CPU was 64bit; Win 8.1 with classic shell it was.

2GB Ram - 8GB Ram - 666mhz/800FSB, 2x4GB sticks.

SSD (Old HD now used as external storage).

Express card for USB 3

* And I'm thinking of upgrading the OG 2.4Ghz CPU to a Intel Core 2 Extreme Processor X9000 at 2.8Ghz; which no doubt will cost more than a 2nd hand m1330, but WTH.


So what's it like using this in 2020?

Not too bad.


Plays .mkv videos at 1080p without stutter, 1080p60 Youtube, browsing the web on Chrome is absolutely fine and general use there are no issues  - Sure it's not nearly (obv) good as my Ryzen desktop, but I think this really demonstrates that older Laps/PCs can hang in there with a bit of care and attention, and with a decent use scenario. 


Thanks for reading.




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