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TB16 displayPorts don't work

Hello everyone.

I bought the tb16. Installed bios and other updates that were discribed in users manual for tb16 dock station.

Then i connected my 2 benq bl2423pt monitors and plugged dock station to my xps 13 9360 laptop, and nothing happened. 

Monitors remain out of signal. Intel  graphics application said something about dsplayPort configuration, but i cannot do anything there. I tripple checked everything and don't know what to do.

May be you have any ideas how can i fix this.

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Re: TB16 displayPorts don't work

If the other devices of the TB16 are being discovered properly (Ethernet, audio, and the USB hub), then it’s probably a bad dock. I’ve seen a few threads like this about non-functional video outputs here before and the fix was always a dock replacement.

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