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Trackpad stops working after sleep on XPS 15 7590

When my XPS 15 7590 goes to sleep and wakes up the trackpad is unresponsive.  The only solution is restarting.  Please help.

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Have you ran BIOS and/or SupportAssist diagnostics? Have you ran Windows and/or SupportAssist updates?


Thanks.  I’ve ran windows and support assist updates.  Also ran the bios diagnostic checks.  No luck.

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Okay so you're all up to date and the BIOS diagnostics checked out as good. What did the SupportAssist diagnostics report?


Thanks.  SupportAssist doesn't report anything.


In device manager, what device does the trackpad show as? You might have to do some 'fiddling' around with the trackpad to get it to work properly. Was this issue always present or did it suddenly appear or?


Thanks.  I've done that as well.  Even reinstalling the HCI trackpad drivers there.  This has been a long term issue with this laptop persisting through w Windows 10 and 11.


You said you've tried reinstalling the drivers. How about uninstalling the drivers completely and seeing if the issue still persists? Most times the trackpad will function without drivers just with worse tracking. It might be something interesting to test, I do not see how this could be a hardware issue seems more like a software one.

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