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Two Peculiar Issues in a XPS 9310 (Part II): USB Drive Doesn't Always Work!

I am trying to use a USB drive: Kingston DataTraveler Exodia 128GB USB 3.2 on a XPS 9310. I plugged it using the accompanied USB A to USB Type-c adapter, the device got detected, then in less than a minute the device stopped working! Unplugging and re-plugging the USB drive doesn't solve the problem. Checking the USB ports in the system Device Manager shows that there is an issue with the Intel(R) USB 2.10 eXtensible Host Controller - 1.20 (Microsoft) as shown in the image attached. Restarting the laptop wouldn't solve the problem.

It is worth mentioning that both USB ports on the XPS 9310 are working perfectly. I still can use them to charge the laptop and to connect other mass-storage devices (via the adapter).  The adapter is also out of question, since it is successfully connecting other USB A devices. Finally, this newly-purchased USB A drive worked perfectly on an older laptop, and even on a SAMSUNG smartphone (via the dongle).

Needless to say, I went through all the typical procedures of

  • checking for software and driver updates,
  • fully formatting the USB drive,
  • using a different port,

 to no avail!

Any suggestions?

USB Drive ErrorUSB Drive Error


te the device is not recognized.


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I have the same problem with a 64gb Kingston Datatraveler Duo on a XPS 9310 2 in 1... tried to connect by native usbc or usba + dell adapter... no way to solve it

Obviously the usb drive is fully working with all my other devices...

I'm kindly looking for suggestions too, thanks

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I so appreciate your detailed information. I have gone through similar troubleshoots, including with Dell support online/chat for over an hour.  The tech kept insisting the dongle/USB adapter that came with my laptop was NOT included with my laptop, which it was!  This was after a LOT of time with the tech and my asking several times "could it be the dongle?" after we went through BIOs, checked updates on drivers, and many many other things via remote with the tech.  I've been a Dell customer for more than 20 years and am very, very unhappy with the 9310.  NO solution offered other than to return the laptop to "point of sale" and have them determine if the problem is with the ports, and if it is then Dell will replace the ports -WHICH I DO NOT THINK IS THE PROBLEM AS BOTH PORTS WORK FINE WITH THE CHARGING CORD.  Has anyone received a PERMANENT SOLUTION TO THIS PROBLEM?  I've seen so many complaints about the 9310, including even after many parts or whole computer replacements by Dell, which is apparently still being sold!  Time for us to initiate a class action on Dell, if they can't solve this problem PERMANENTLY!!  I HAVE LOST SO MUCH TIME ON THIS ISSUE!!  THEY SHOULD BE PAYING US FOR OUR TROUBLESHOOTING TIME ON THIS ISSUE!!!

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Like the mate I had the problem on XPS 9310
Anyone who can share the solution would be quite grateful


@UNHAPPY 9310 wrote:


The tech kept insisting the dongle/USB adapter that came with my laptop was NOT included with my laptop, which it was! 

the 9310. 


I don't know about a permanent solution (as all mine work fine) but I'll be glad to look-into it for you.

My XPS-13_9310 did not come with a bundled USB-C-to-USB-A Adapter. Can you describe yours so I can use a suitable one for my tests here?

What USB flash drive model are you using? Specs and describe it so I can use a matching one here for my tests?

Are you running the latest BIOS? I am (v3.8.0) and all internal sub-component firmwares are up to date. I did all of them in order.

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