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USB C Stopped Working out of the blue (XPS 13 9380)

Good morning everyone!

One of the 3 USB-C from my XPS 13 9380 stopped working yesterday out of the blue.


Following previous discussions, I already tried these:
1) Uninstall and Install USB Drivers and Asmedia USB Controller
2) Reset BIOS to Factory Defaults
3) Search for drivers updates, using the dell tool available in the website

None of above worked.

Looking into the Device Manager, there is a yellow exclamation in the "UCM-UCSI- ACPI Device", as showed in the attached picture. Also, it reports the following: "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)".

How do I solve it?
Thanks in advance,

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usb error.png


Did you have any success getting any resolution to your problem? I have the identical problem with my XPS13 9380. I too tried the same suggested fixes as you did; something worked for a day, and then Dell SupportAssist suggested an update, and now I am back to square one with the same USB again not being recognised and showing the UCM-UCSI ACPI issue.

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Have the same issue. Tried next steps:

  • uniunstall driver in device manager and reinstall - NOT Work
  • downgrade BIOS - NOT Work
  • load factory defaults in BIOS - NOT Work
  • install ASMedia USB Extended Host Controller Driver - NOT Work
  • other combinations of listed actions with reboots between - NOT Work

Finally based on post on Reddit shuted dwon laptop and connected charger to dead port. Laptop showed charging by indicator. Then powered up it and viola - everything work fine, no error code 43 in Device Manager.


Sir, you are a hero!! It seems like a completely bizarre solution, but sometimes a clean shutdown is all that is needed... thank you!!


Amazing! It worked for me too.

Now if you can only fix the problem I'm having getting my eGPU to work work with my XPS13 I'll have to put you in my will.

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