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USB-C and Bluetooth connections


please help me with my frustrations! Will keep it short (my whole Saturday in reality!) 

Ordered brand new XPS 13 at checkout it offered to add accessories, so purchased the KM717 wireless keyboard and mouse. Then found out It uses 1 x USB ‘nano dongle’ to connect both..... the new XPS only has USB-C ports?! Unbelievable! 

It has highlighted my issues... I also have 1 x HDMI monitor and a USB printer all of which will not directly connect. 

Dell online help tried to sell me a thunderbolt TB16 dock to connect all which in theory is perfect (even at £250?!) which I would have purchased had it not got the worst reviews I have ever read everywhere on the internet! 

My Question please is, is there an alternative to the TB16 that will do all?


happy with connecting power seperately (so forget thunderbolt) what is the easiest way to connect the following using a single connection/adapter/dock 

1x usb wireless keyboard/mouse 

1 x hdmi monitor 

1 x usb printer 

Or how many can I connect with Bluetooth simultaneously? 


Thabks you people 




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