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USB device freezes on Precision M7530 with Thunderbolt dock

I have a Dell Previsions M7530 laptop with a thunderbold dock. If any USB device, such as a mouse or keyboard is connect to the docking station, it freezes momentarily. This results in missed or repeated characters when using a mouse. It happens with other devices to. I've tried a BIOS update, turning on and off 'C' states. Interestingly, in the device manager, 4 keyboards appear when only 1 is connected, in addition to the ps2 keyboard which I believe is the built in one in the laptop. I have contacted Dell tech support but they don't appear to be able to fix it. As this laptop has only 2 USB ports on the laptop itself, extra on the docking station are essential. Other than connecting to a desktop standard screen and, the docking station is useless. Anyone else having these problems, or hopefully found a solution?
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Re: USB device freezes on Precision M7530 with Thunderbolt d


I've experienced these issues too.  I have a Dell XPS 13 9370 and TB16 (180 W) docking station. When the transceiver for the wireless keyboard and mouse is plugged into a USB port on the dock, the wireless mouse movement is very erratic. It is much worse when there is a USB mass storage device plugged into the dock at the same time.  All drivers and firmware are up to date on both the docking station and the laptop. This is very frustrating.

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