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Unable to update XPS 13 9350 BIOS

I have been unable to install any BIOS updates past version 1.7.0 on my Dell XPS 13 9350 (i7-6560U).

From reading around the forums this appears to be a common issue, with many users stuck with a corrupt bios release (thanks Dell for testing your releases, wink):



Since installing the 1.7.0 bios (a long time ago) I started to notice an excessive amount of noise from the CPU cooling fan, which also seems to be a common issue:





Furthermore, I also now experience a black screen when booting up for approx. 8-10 second, before the Dell logo appears. As such I am unable to see any messages as to why the bios update fails. Other users have also reported similar problems relating to black screens, perhaps caused by the Dell Support Assist releasing incompatible drivers:



Crucially, Dells in-depth diagnostic test shows that there are no problems with the hardware in my laptop and everything runs fine, ignoring the inconveniences mentioned above. This was a premium product and previously ran buttery smooth, but now the laptop feels below par.

As you can see there are several issues to address, which also leaves me concerned with how you will support my other Dell XPS devices that I have since purchased?

Can a representative from Dell please let me know if such defects are being taken seriously, and if other users and myself can expect a BIOS update past version 1.10.1 that will resolve our problems (and can be installed). Thanks!

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