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VaKo docking station with Dell XPS 13


I am trying to use a VaKo docking station with my dell xps 13 (2019):


I plugged the docking station on the thunderbolt USB-C port on the left, and then an HDMI cable to the monitor but it doesn't get detected. When plugging a UBS keyboard on other ports, it gets setup.

I am also able to plug the VaKo station to an HP laptop and the monitors get detected without problem.

Am I missing something?




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Re: VaKo docking station with Dell XPS 13

@bensalig  that should be working out of the box, especially if you've confirmed that it works on another system.  That dock is just relying on the DisplayPort Alt Mode video output capability of USB-C ports, which the XPS 13 with USB-C/TB3 ports support.  There aren't any special additional drivers to use that.  If you haven't already, make sure you're running the latest BIOS release and the general Intel Graphics drivers, because that's all you really need here.  If it still doesn't work, it may be an interoperability issue specific to that dock and that system, in which case it might take a system firmware update to resolve, and it's possible that even the current firmware release doesn't contain the necessary fix.