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WD-15 stopped charging my XPS 15 9750

So lately my dock stopped charging my laptop. With the usual AC everything is fine but when it is just the dock it doesn't charge. When I plug the dock in it says for like 5sec that it charges, then it stops and just shows it's connected. Never had the issue before. All the devices connected to the dock run perfectly.

Btw the dock features the 180W AC so there shouldn't be the problem.
I updated everything, tried reinstalling drivers and I am getting desperate right now.

Please help me.

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Please check out the information in the links below, hopefully it will be a help to you. 

Solved: XPS 15 9570, WD15, not charging laptop - Dell ...



How to Use and Troubleshoot Dell Docking Station WD15



I already did all of that but none of it seems to work for me


Does the solution of the first link reallyl state that due to a new Bios update you have to use not just the dock but also the regular AC of the laptop at the same time??!!!

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