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WINRETOOLS partition, have 3 of them

XPS 13 9360

I recently divided up my 2TB drive into a C: and   partition. Now I see 3 of these partitions. There is a 606MB partition between my C:  and   partitions, and two 509MB partitions at the very end.

I use Macrium Reflect exclusively to backup and restore my OS images, as Window's System Restore is a joke. I have plenty of backup baseline images when I reinstalled Windows a couple of years ago, which I can go back to. Can I delete these partitions?

Is one of them required to 'reset' Windows and wipe it clean, if I need to sell the computer? It might be useful then.

The computer is a 2017 Dell XPS 13 9650.

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Hard to say from that text description.

I can tell you that a generic Windows-10/11 install is 3 partitions. The one at the end is usually a Recovery Console partition. I've been known to delete that one because that is where my "un-partitioned" space goes for SSD Over-Provisioning. In that case, if I needed "Recovery" I would just boot the official installer flash-drive.

Any additional partitions might be the "Dell Recovery Partition" if you are still running the factory-installed Windows install.

Finally, if there is a problem that requires a re-Macrium Re-Imaging ... I'm going to be booting from the Macrium Restore bootable flash-drive ... not some partition on the existing drive.

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If you want to know which one is active, run the reagentc /info command in an admin command prompt.  It should point to the partition it is using.

Normally, since the change, the Recovery tool partition is the one just behind the C partition.  Keep in mind, there is usually a hidden MSR partition just in front of C.

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