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Warning about XPS 15 trackpad repairs and awful customer service

TL;DR: Warning to those who are experiencing a problem with their XPS 15 9550 track pad failing, likely due to a manufacturing fault in the battery causing it to swell: Dell will be happy to charge you over $300 to replace your track pad and battery (diagnosed over the *phone*), wipe your hard drive for no apparent reason, and ship your laptop back to you with no explanation.

When my track pad stopped working, I called Dell. The employee clearly immediately assumed it was my battery (even though there was no indication beyond the track pad problem itself), so obviously they are well aware of this manufacturing problem. Since I'm off warranty though, they decided to charge the full amount for repairs.

The repairs were quick and my track pad is fixed. BUT, I get my laptop back with no sheet specifying what was actually wrong (remember - my battery was diagnosed over the phone) or what was done. They forgot it. Fine, that happens. But it took over two weeks and multiple reminders for them to email it to me, which is unacceptable. By the way, when I finally get the sheet, it makes no mention of a swollen battery. So why exactly did I have to pay for a new battery?

Also, I boot up my computer and my hard drive is wiped (great - now I have to reinstall and reconfigure everything). Now, why would you need to wipe a hard drive to install a new battery or track pad? Unless the drivers fail, you don't. So I called them to find out, and they proceeded to contradict one another.
*The Employee* tells me I checked the box that says to reinstall the OS, so they reinstalled it! -> There is no such box. The box on the repair sheet (which I did check) states that you are authorizing them to reinstall your OS IF NECESSARY.
*His manager* tells me that NO NO, the employee is mistaken! They reinstalled my OS because of a driver failure. -> Obviously this would be an appropriate explanation, but how on earth does he know this as, in the same call, he tells me they still don't have my repair details sheet.

When I finally get my repair sheet, it makes no mention of the OS reinstallation. This is a ridiculous omission. It makes a difference if, when you get your computer back, you can get right to work or you have to reconfigure the whole thing all over again. This has to be part of the repairs summary.

So, I write to Dell Corporate, telling them this is unacceptable and asking that they provide financial compensation as
1) the customer service was very unresponsive and unreliable
2) my OS was reinstalled for no apparent reason
3) the reason for my battery replacement (-> bulk of expense) has yet to be explained

They responded by wasting my time with the most generic phone call I've ever received. I was told that no compensation would be provided AT ALL, was given ZERO answers to any of my questions. In fact, it was so useless, I literally had an exchange where he said the mistakes would be relayed to their team, and when I said what mistakes, he said the ones in my letter. This person clearly took so little time over my complaints that he didn't even know what they were. Obviously, none of my questions (which I restated to him) were addressed. It was insulting.

Obviously I'm done with Dell - I thought they were a good company for those of us whose work relies on tech, but obviously they do not care about being accountable to their customers. If you make the decision to rely on them for your laptop repairs, be warned - by all accounts, it looks like they routinely factory reset any computer that gets into their hands (if you've checked the authorization box), for their own convenience, with no regard to the massive inconvenience it causes the PAYING customer. 

My advice: If you can, go elsewhere, don't waste your time.

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I totally agree with you. Never again Dell.

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