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What dock with VGA/pass-through support works with the 9370?

Hello. I had the USB C Hub, ICZI 8-in-1 Multifunction Type C Adapter Hub, VGA HDMI Dual Display, with Type C Charging Port, 2 USB 3.0 Ports, Ethernet Port, TF/SD Card https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078XQDFH4?ref=yo_pop_ma_swf working perfectly up for about 2 weeks. Then it started having problems. 

The VGA port stopped working (I tried it with 2 monitors and 2 VGA cables), then the UBS ports fail occasionally. On top of that, it only delivers 45W according to the laptop. 

I don't want to get the Dell option because if all the negative reviews and it's way overpriced.

What alternatives are you USING?

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Have you tried your adapter hub on another PC to determine whether something changed with the adapter or the PC itself?  Delivering only 45W to the system could be because the hub might only support pulling 60W from the wall and then takes some power for itself to run things like its USB ports, Ethernet adapter, etc., and therefore only passes 45W to the XPS 13, or it could be because the XPS 13 itself only supports drawing 45W.  It only comes with a 45W adapter from Dell, and not all systems designed for a certain wattage will accept more just because it's available.

If you find that the problem is in fact the adapter rather than something that changed on the XPS 13 itself that broke VGA output, then if you're looking for "mini-docks" like you have now rather than full-size docks like the WD15 or TB16, the only mini-dock I've personally used that has VGA is the Dell DA300, and I have had absolutely zero problems with it.  If that's the one you've been looking at, where are you seeing bad reviews?

Also, is VGA an absolute necessity?  That will severely limit your options because VGA is the least capable display connector available today AND it's physically large, neither of which makes it attractive for accessory manufacturers to implement in an era of slim, light, and modern USB-C devices.  If you need VGA for giving presentations in various places, then I guess you're stuck, but if you're using it with one of your own displays, you may want to consider investing in a better display to go with your shiny new high-end laptop.  VGA looks noticeably worse than any other option even at 1080p because it's the only analog video format of the bunch anymore. If you dump VGA, I've also used this hub from Anker and this other hub also from Anker.  I'm a big fan of Anker products, particularly their battery packs, cables, and travel/wall chargers, but they have a well-deserved reputation for building quality products across the board.  The DA300 and those Anker hubs each have their advantages and downsides depending on what ports you need and what your host system supports. For example, the DA300 can take advantage of hosts that support DisplayPort 1.3, which means it's the only multi-purpose "mini-dock" that can do 4K at 60 Hz when connected to such a system.  However, the XPS 13 9370 doesn't support DisplayPort 1.3, so that distinction doesn't matter if this is the only system you'd be using it with.  On the flip side, the DA300 doesn't support power passthrough (its USB-C port is a data port), but since the 9370 has 4 ports that can all accept power, that doesn't seem like a real problem in your case.

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