Where is the Sputnik forum?

Since Dell revamped their forums the dedicated forum for Project Sputnik seems to have gone. Is this the case and if so are owners of DE machines expected to just use the general machine-specific forum for DE/Ubuntu-related posts? If so is there a specific label/tag we should use?

You sill have a link to the Sputnik Forum at the bottom of this page (called 'Sputnik forum'), but it redirects to the general forums page. The link is: http://en.community.dell.com/techcenter/os-applications/f/4613


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Re: Where is the Sputnik forum?

Hi, I'm searching too.

A lot of links were bookmarked/subscribed in my forum profile and amongst them was the sputnik forum.

It's all gone. In my local rss reader I have several old links I was monitoring, they don't work anymore...

Would be great if a forum moderator could enlighten us where all these posts went.
Some of them got precious information.


Re: Where is the Sputnik forum?

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