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Why i7 6820QH in my Dell does not reach the max turbo clock 3,6 Ghz ?

Why my Precision 7720 does not reach the maximum turbo clock 3,6 Ghz ?
I have Precision 7720 with i7 6820HQ (2,7-3,6ghz)
Can someone explain to me why my computer does not reach the maximum turbo clock 3.6 ghz in the maximum load - only a maximum is 3.2 ghz?
What's the problem ? I would like my computer to always work at its maximum when it is needed.



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Max Turbo Boost might only be possible when only a single core is active, which is unlikely to ever happen in typical setups.  It's also possible that it will only run at that clock speed when it is below a certain temperature, and that may simply never be happening in your system based on other things that are going on.  As long as you're not limiting the max CPU frequency under Control Panel > Power Options, then your CPU is already configured to perform as fast as it can.  Turbo Boost clocks are not meant to be achievable all the time for prolonged periods of time.

but it is intel cpu specification or dell throttling ?

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