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Wifi Disconnect while HDMI is connected

I have an XPS 13 9380, 2 months old.
my problem is that when I connect to monitor through type-C adapter and HDMI cable, my wifi disconnects, or sometimes it connects but I have no internet.

I've been connecting to a monitor since I had my laptop, but this problem started lately, and became worse over time.
how can I fix this?

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I'm having this exact issue but limiting the wifi adapter to N speeds doesn't fix it.

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For those that are interested, we managed to resolve our issues on the Latitude 7410 laptops by installing at least v1.7.0 of the BIOS firmware. Any laptops that were on v1.5.0 were affected but I can't speak for any versions in between v1.5.0 and v1.7.0 as we didn't have any in our estate.

No WiFi adapter modifications were necessary after the BIOS update.

I can't speak for the other hardware models though, I'm afraid.

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We have also suffered this issue with 3 of our Latitude 7410 laptops. Consistently, they drop WiFi connectivity when plugged directly into an HDMI monitor.

This issue needs resolving by Dell.

The fix noted in this article does work (albeit, we had to completely disable the n/ac/ax function), which utterly cripples WiFi performance. With monitor not connected and WiFi card properties left as default, speed tests show solid 200Mbit in both directions. With the n/ac/ax modes disabled, maximum of 20Mbit in both directions, so this is an unacceptable fix.

Does anyone have any Dell reference numbers that you're happy to provide me with for when I have our team log the issue with Dell?

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Here is the solution that works for me (Dell 7410):

1) Go the adapter setting of Wifi 

2) Select configure 

3) In advance tab, select Wireless mode (802.11n/ac/ax) 

4) Select 802.11n option





Reason of the issue:

Wifi 802.11ac and 802.11ax work on higher bandwidth 80Mhz/160Mhz. The use of HDMI can lead interference with Wifi channel. When we select 802.11n option, Wifi will connect in 20Mhz or 40Mhz channel, which can coexist with HDMI. 

In 802.11n mode Wifi bandwidth will be lower ~100Mbps, but it will be sufficient for internet usage


Hope this solution works for you!




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Dell latitude 5420, same problem; all updated: BIOS, drivers etc. with SupportAssist ... it's a serious problem, I can't work properly!


"when I connect my Desktop to the Laptop"
That doesn't make sense to me? I thought the PC and Laptop were connected to the LG 34UM95-P monitor?

What were the specific updates installed on the Latitude 7410 just prior to the issue appearing?

Are you using any cabling longer than 6ft? If yes, test only 6ft cabling.

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I am facing the same issue. Using a Dell Latitude 7410 and a LG 34UM95-P via HDMI. I have used this setup for the last 9 month without facing any issues. After the last Dell update on my PC WIFI is not working when I connect my Desktop to the Laptop. I also changed my cables and tried the setup with my private MacBook. The cables are working fine (as they also did for 9 months) and the internet connection is stable (as on all my other devices). Also updated the BIOS and checked for driver updates. Did not change anything. I cannot work on my desktop.
Is there any solution that really works or does Dell have an explanation why all of a sudden my setup is not working any more? As a developer working on a 13" is absolutely stupid. 
If anyone wants to suggest a docking station, don't even try. I used one at work, and it drowned my RAM. Using this it is not even possible to open a new tab. 

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As per Dell-Cares, updating this drivers should help with the issue:

1. Intel Chipset


2. Thunderbolt Controller Firmware


3. Thunderbolt Controller Driver


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I have a 7410 which suddenly stopped internet connection a few days ago even though there’s excellent WiFi connection. Dell support analysed everything to day and found nothing wrong. Advised I spend £50 on a software support ticket from Dell. I’m a scientist so I unpicked everything til internet worked and re added cables etc until internet dropped. For me, it was the length and make of the HDMI cable attached to the Dell monitor. I replaced with a short version (standard from Dell actually) and internet is back on. Maybe the old cable was hitting the radiator or getting too close to the power socket and causing interference??! I’m just guessing. I was playing around with command prompts and IP addresses and all sorts of stuff! Hope this helps some folks. 

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I am having the same problem with my XPS 15 9500. If I connect a third party adapter or docking station, the wifi connection is lost immediately. If I connect the original Dell adapter that was in the box with the laptop, the connection quality drops significantly to under 1 Mbps or even to 0. Shielding the cables with aluminum foil didn't work, drivers are all up-to-date.

It is a shame that this laptop is meant to be the best for creative work and you cannot even use basic functions like wifi or external display - for this load of money.


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