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Windows 10 Pro Build 1903 from 1809

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Here we go again, when I checked settings for updates, there was KB4507453 , took cloned external drive containing windows 10 via usb and and installed and ran that update file on Drive D. Knowing what to expect, booted into safe mode and ran chkdsk, took about 10 minutes and that fixed Disk D. Once that was done rebooted into windows and into settings and checked about which showed the info you see above. Disconnected the usb drive and rebooted with only Drive C and again that is what you see above. Again with my  ASUS G751J , installing the above update, NO Problems


First I updated Bios to 1.12 and intel management. Got a notice that KB4505903 was available for Windows Version 1903. Reconnected SSD that was a duplicate to this drive. Copied KB4505903 to the replicate drive and installed from that drive. Rebooted and noticed updating 1,8 15 30% and rebooted into Safe mode where updating was completed. The image below show the latest update for version 1903.




18362.295.jpgReady for another cumulative update from MS KB4512508. Took cloned drive SSD and installed from the SSD drive. Once done rebooted into windows showing 18362.295. However another problem came up. when I went into updates I noticed that KB4512508 failed to intstall but the update history showed that it did.

How does one remove the erroneous statement that it failed.

Command Prompt as Administrator

net stop wuauserv

Ren %/systemroot%\SoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.old

net start wuauserv

Restarted laptop and failed message was gone, however no update history


Program Features

Installed Updates and it showed the KB4512508 was installed

Why did it fail but also showed that it did install?  Manual (ME) vs Automatic Download



2 installs uneventful KB451155 netframework    Cumulative update for Version 1903   KB4512941

18362.329.jpgcontrolpanel.jpgupdate history.jpgcumulative update version 1903 to 18362.329

Actually installed kb4511555 "FIRST"

If you are using acronis 2019 like I am go into BIOS F2 and disable "acronis functions, make like easier if you do this.

Then installed KB4512941 cumulative update first picture ->18362.329

2nd picture in Control Panel-> Program & Features->View Installed updates 

3rd picture in Settings-> Update History

Installations UNEVENTFUL for ONCE



Forgot to mention if you are doing a system restore point, check to make sure no programs are deleted by creating another restore point so when you check to see if program and this is what I meanrestore point3.jpgrestore point1.jpgrestore point2.jpg


Uneventful installation after disabling Acronis loader


Security Update for Adobe Flash Player=KB4516115

updates.jpgkb4515384.jpgCumulative Update 1903 KB4515384



KB 4524147  Cumulative Update   Installation Uneventful




18362(1).jpgNew Cumulative Update KB4524147 Uneventful   18362.388KB4524147KB4524147



Here we go Again, I thought the last update was done a Few days ago

Installation uneventful Goes from 18362.388 TO 18362.418


18362.418.jpghistory update.jpg


New Updates - installation uneventful



18362.449.jpgupdate history.jpg

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