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Windows 22H2 XPS 15 7590

Hello, I have been trying to update my laptop to the 22H2 updated released by Microsoft, but after restar my PC this get stuck, and I have to force the shutdown twice to do the rollback of the update. the problem seems to be related to this XPS model as you can see in this discussion in the Microsoft's community other users are having the same issue with this XPS model.
Windows 11 22H2 getting stuck - Microsoft Community

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well to replace the hard drive I made an Image of the original one... them replace the drive with a new on... and wrote the image to this drive and resized the partitions, after that just updated the disk drive and everything works as expected.


After many attempts and trying many solutions, that thread solved the issue for me. Specifically going into the BIOS and disabling Virtualization Direct I/O.

I just finished installing the update from a windows image. All good now. 

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Does anybody know if disabling Virtualization Direct I/O impacts the use of WSL2?

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